Seattle’s Ellis Island

I just heard this interesting KUOW 94.5 report on the sad history of immigration detention in the region. The report talks about the former Seattle Immigrant Detention Center near the International District on Airport Way. The Center closed down in 1999 and has been replaced by the much larger Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma. CLICK HERE

Don’t Forget! Rally for Immigrant Rights on May 1st 2010

Immigration lawyers can do alot to help immigrants navigate the complicated U.S. immigration system, but sometimes harsh laws simply need to be changed. You can help change  immigration policy for the better, irregardless of your immigration status. Only U.S. citizens 18yrs old and over can vote in elections to support pro-immigrant politicians, but both citizens and non-citizens can write letters to politicians,

How Can I Become A Citizen?

For many immigrants, the final step in the quest for the American Dream is to become an American citizen. Benefits of Being a United States Citizen Citizens have the right to vote, thus help to strengthen our democracy and lobby for their interests. Citizens can obtain a United States Passport, making travel much easier as

Beware of Imposters!

It is very important that those seeking immigration legal advice work with reputable licensed immigration attorneys or established not for profit community organizations. See yesterdays NY Times City Room Article. March 1, 2010, 4:46 pm $3 Million Judgment in Immigration Fraud Case By KIRK SEMPLE A businesswoman in Jackson Heights, Queens, who falsely promised to