Same-sex Greencards are Here!

Guest Post by Daniel Z. Bean, Paralegal Are We Eligible? We’re overcome with gratitude to those who’ve fought for marriage equality and we’re positively beaming that LGBT bi-national couples are now planning to live their lives together. Couples once separated by restrictions on immigration policy are seeing the green light as foreign partners are approved

USCIS Launches Online Immigration System, USCIS ELIS

Finally, US Citizenship and Immigration Service is entering the 21st century! USCIS has created a system to allow for online processing of certain USCIS forms. This will certainly help streamline the immigration process and hopefully cut down  processing time and costs! I look forward to using this system but I am sure that it will have

U.S. Visas for Foreign Entrepreneurs

Pleased to find this informative animated video about U.S. Visas for Foreign Entrepreneurs created by the American Immigration Lawyers Association. The video highlights the problems in the U.S. immigration system and the need for immigration reform when it comes to opportunities for foreign entrepreneurs. The U.S. economy depends on innovative and new ideas from talented individuals. However, its