Immigration Lawyer Fees

One of the biggest concerns of those seeking an immigration lawyer is cost. I have seen the question posted online many times, how much does it cost to hire a lawyer? It is difficult to answer this question in generality as each case is different. Lawyers are service providers. Rather then sell a product we provide a service. Our “product” is our time. Generally, the more time spent on your case the more money it will cost. It is important to realize that the services of a lawyer are unique. We are trained professionals who understand the law. The ability to stay in one’s country lawfully and not be separated from family is a great reward to a successful case, and it is best to understand the law before taking any risk. Just as it would not be wise to have someone who is not a doctor perform surgery on you or your family member, it would not be wise to hire someone who is not an immigration lawyer  to handle your immigration case. Immigration law is extremely complicated and risks can be high, for this reason fees may also be high. At my firm, I try to charge reasonable rates.

At the Law Office of Andre Olivie, we understand that fiances are limited, especially in this economy. For this reason, I charge flat rates, based on how much time I believe your case will take. As opposed to an hourly rate, a flat rate works in your favor, as it is the same charge no matter how many hours it takes and you will know what your fee is up front without having to watch the bill rise as they case goes on. Only in cases where there are unexpected changes in your case will the fee need to be renegotiated. At the Law Office of Andre Olivie, our consultation fee is also free for those who hire our services. While a consultation fee is required at the consultation, it becomes a down payment on the legal fee and not in additional fee.

At my office, I charge reasonable rates for the Seattle area. However, because I have low overhead (no secretary and no large office) I am able to charge less than other attorneys in the Seattle area. In addition, all my clients are offered monthly payment plans with no large down payment. If you have a straight forward case, such as a marriage greencard case, where the foreigner has entered the country lawfully, the spouse is a U.S. Citizen and no one has a criminal record, then I can quote you a rate in email or over the telephone. For more complicated cases, I would need to sit down with you and discuss your case before I can give you a price quote.