Marriage Visa

Seattle immigration attorney, Andre Olivie helps foreigners in Redmond, Seattle and Bellevue who are married to U.S. Citizens obtain lawful permanent residence based on their marriage. Generally, marriage to a U.S. Citizen is one of the quickest ways to obtain a green card and for that reason the process is highly scrutinized and requires significant evidence of the bona fides of the relationship among other criteria. Simply marrying a U.S. Citizen does not provide a foreign national with any immigration benefit. Different steps need to be taken depending on several factors, such as whether the foreign spouse is inside or outside of the U.S. and if they are in the U.S., how they entered the U.S. Andre also works with individuals who are lawful permanent residents or on non-immigrant visas to obtain lawful permanent residence or non-immigrant visas for their spouses. The U.S. Citizen must also meet certain income requirements.

You can find more information on marriage visas or the marriage adjustment of status process by reading some of the following legal guides. Remember, these legal guides are general in nature and do not take the place of legal representation. Each case is different and might require specific legal advice.

If you are considering marriage to a U.S. Citizen or have already married a U.S. Citizen in the Seattle, Redmond & Bellevue area, feel free to schedule a consultation with Andre to discuss your options for obtaining a green card.