Don’t Forget! Rally for Immigrant Rights on May 1st 2010

Seattle, May 1 2008

Immigration lawyers can do alot to help immigrants navigate the complicated U.S. immigration system, but sometimes harsh laws simply need to be changed. You can help change  immigration policy for the better, irregardless of your immigration status. Only U.S. citizens 18yrs old and over can vote in elections to support pro-immigrant politicians, but both citizens and non-citizens can write letters to politicians, publish op-ed pieces in their local newspaper, or march in a rally and stand up for justice.

Currently, there are many aspects of  U.S. immigration law  and policy that are arguably lacking in providing full due process. Many good people are trying to change this through the fight for comprehensive immigration reform. One way to make your voices heard is to join the annual May 1 rally in support of immigrant rights. On May 2010, join hundreds or even thousands of individuals who believe that America should be a welcoming place for hardworking immigrants.

SAT MAY 1, Rallynoon, 12:30 March, Gathering at Judkins Playfield, behind St. Mary’s Church, 611 20th Ave S, Seattle; 10th Annual May 1st March & Rally. We are all Workers! IMMIGRATION REFORM NOW! DEMONSTRATION FOR IMMIGRANT RIGHTS AND JUSTICE. Sponsored by El Comite Pro- Reforma Migratoria y Justicia Social & Washington Immigrant Rights Action Coalition (WA-IRAC) and many others!

For other Peace and Justice events in Seattle see the Seattle Community Network’s activist page.