Prosecutorial Discretion for Immigrants in Same-Sex Relationships – Guest Blog

Guest Blog By Lianne Holt-Jensen J.D.Candidate 2014 Seattle University School of Law On September 26th 2012, letters were distributed clarifying the guidelines used to apply the policy of prosecutorial discretion in cases of same-sex partners. Under prosecutorial discretion, immigrants, with no criminal records, in same-sex partnerships, have been allowed to remain in the United States.

U.S. Visas for Foreign Entrepreneurs

Pleased to find this informative animated video about U.S. Visas for Foreign Entrepreneurs created by the American Immigration Lawyers Association. The video highlights the problems in the U.S. immigration system and the need for immigration reform when it comes to opportunities for foreign entrepreneurs. The U.S. economy depends on innovative and new ideas from talented individuals. However, its

How Can I Become A Citizen?

For many immigrants, the final step in the quest for the American Dream is to become an American citizen. Benefits of Being a United States Citizen Citizens have the right to vote, thus help to strengthen our democracy and lobby for their interests. Citizens can obtain a United States Passport, making travel much easier as