May 1st International Workers’ Rights March, Seattle, WA

The May 1st International Workers’ Rights march began around 5pm in Judkins Park in the Central District. It was a large gathering of various workers and immigrant rights communities from throughout Seattle. Religious and community leaders gave empowering speeches reminding the listeners of the importance of their struggle, the respect for all peoples’ rights and

April 10th : Immigrant Rights Rally : Seattle :11:00am

Immigration Reform Rally: We Can’t Afford to Wait! April 10, 2010 | Gates Open at 11 a.m. | Program Noon Occidental Park, Seattle PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Confirmed Speakers Rep. Jim McDermott, D-Washington Dow Constantine, King County Executive Pramila Jayapal, Executive Director, OneAmerica Cecile Hansen, Duwamish Tribal Chair Mike Gempler, Washington Growers’ Association Carlos Padilla, DREAM Act

Seattle’s Ellis Island

I just heard this interesting KUOW 94.5 report on the sad history of immigration detention in the region. The report talks about the former Seattle Immigrant Detention Center near the International District on Airport Way. The Center closed down in 1999 and has been replaced by the much larger Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma. CLICK HERE

How Can I Become A Citizen?

For many immigrants, the final step in the quest for the American Dream is to become an American citizen. Benefits of Being a United States Citizen Citizens have the right to vote, thus help to strengthen our democracy and lobby for their interests. Citizens can obtain a United States Passport, making travel much easier as