Meet Our Team


Andre Olivie

Immigration Attorney, André Olivie was raised in Tempe, Arizona and has lived in Seattle for over 13 years. He received his law degree from Seattle University in 2009 and a B.A. in political science and French from Arizona State University in 2005.  His mother immigrated from Pakistan in 1978 and his father is a 4th generation New Yorker of French and German descent. André is an avid traveler. He has studied in France, taught English in Cambodia and interned at the United Nations in Thailand. He is a  passionate supporter of immigrant and human rights and enjoys traveling, interior design, and television.


Professional Memberships and Community Involvement

  • South Asian Bar Association of Washington 2009-Present
  • Q-Law LGBT Bar Association of Washington 2009-Present
  • Entre Hermanos – Board Member November 2012-2018



Molly Masich

Immigration Attorney, Molly Masich was born in Arizona, but has lived all over the United States. She has also lived and studied in Cologne, Germany and Mendoza, Argentina. Molly has dedicated her life to bridging cultural divides and advocating for the right of all people to be treated fairly and with human dignity. Before becoming an attorney, she worked with at risk migrant youth and as a social services administrator providing emergency services to low income individuals and families. She obtained her law degree from University of Pittsburgh and a B.A. in film studies and Spanish language from Gettysburg College. She is a lover of languages and a fluent Spanish speaker. Molly enjoys hula hooping, nature, and art.



Daniel Bean

Immigration Paralegal, Daniel Bean is a member of the Puyallup Tribe of Indians and of Native American, Mexican and Puerto Rican descent. He studied Spanish language in Madrid and Bilbao, Spain and Quito, Ecuador. Daniel has worked as an immigration paralegal since 2013. He enjoys spicy food, video games and NPR podcasts. Daniel has volunteered his time as a paralegal and interpreter for Citizenship Days in Seattle, Pasco, Graham and Wenatchee.




Carmen Bean

Carmen has worked at the law office for five years. She is part Vizsla and part Labrador and enjoys sleeping under the desk, walking around when the clients are gone, chewing on stuffed toys and barking at the mailman. Carmen is very shy and will hide under the desk when clients come in.