TPS for Yemen Nationals

Good news for Yemen nationals in the United States who are concerned about returning home. Due to the ongoing conflict in Yemen, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has designated Yemen for Temporary Protected Status (TPS). Certain Yemen nationals and those who last lived in Yemen but without any nationality, now in the U.S., may be eligible for authorized stay and employment authorization (work permits) if they meet the requirements for TPS. TPS may be granted for 18 months from September 3rd 2015 to March 3rd 2017 with the possibility of renewal but an individual must first apply and be granted TPS.

Applicants will need to show that they have been “continuously present and “continuously residing in the U.S. since September 3rd 2015. The application fee is $515 for TPS and employment authorization, $50 for those under 14 years of age and $135 for those who do not request employment authorization. Fee waivers for filing fees will be available.

The Law Office of Andre Olivie, is now accepting consultations with individuals Yemenis interested in applying for TPS. If you are interested in applying for TPS you may contact attorney, Andre Olivie at (206) 724-1940, by email at or by making an appointment on this website.